Crafted by lenders for lenders

Our award-winning lending software provides a full package of powerful loan modules, including for customer application, loan origination, underwriting, loan management, payments, communications and collections.

Automated functions

For payment, underwriting, verification and reporting. This high degree of automation allows lenders to optimize their operations by creating efficient workflows, reducing the need for call center staffing, and increasing accuracy and predictability of lending functions.


Increase in loan volume


Reduction in operating costs


Decrease time-to-fund


On your own individual private cloud

Our software enables lenders to collect rich data about their customers and put it to work through powerful custom analytics and credit modeling. Each lender gets real-time access to data via its own individual, private cloud installation.

Alchemy further streamlines the lending process through the use of mobile and online portals, custom APIs, fraud prevention tools, and simplified user and customer interfaces.

Alchemy’s dedicated engineering team has deep lending experience, allowing lenders to get up and running on the software with minimal friction. Our software is fully scalable to enable the growth of each lending portfolio.